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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2024 from OUS - Division of Clinical Neuroscience

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Abdullah R, Bjørnebekk A, Hauger LE, Hullstein IR, Edvardsen T, Haugaa KH, Almaas VM (2024)
Severe biventricular cardiomyopathy in both current and former long-term users of anabolic-androgenic steroids
Eur J Prev Cardiol, 31 (5), 599-608
DOI 10.1093/eurjpc/zwad362, PubMed 37992194

Afridi TUK, Fatima A, Satti HS, Akram Z, Yousafzai IK, Naeem WB, Fatima N, Ali A, Iqbal Z, Khan A, Shahzad M, Liu C, Toft M, Zhang F, Tariq M, Davis EE, Khan TN (2024)
Exome sequencing in four families with neurodevelopmental disorders: genotype-phenotype correlation and identification of novel disease-causing variants in VPS13B and RELN
Mol Genet Genomics, 299 (1), 55
DOI 10.1007/s00438-024-02149-y, PubMed 38771357

Ali M, van Etten ES, Akoudad S, Schaafsma JD, Visser MC, Ali M, Cordonnier C, Sandset EC, Klijn CJM, Ruigrok YM, Wermer MJH (2024)
Haemorrhagic stroke and brain vascular malformations in women: risk factors and clinical features
Lancet Neurol, 23 (6), 625-635
DOI 10.1016/S1474-4422(24)00122-4, PubMed 38760100

Amland R, Selbæk G, Brækhus A, Edwin TH, Engedal K, Knapskog AB, Olsrud ER, Persson K (2024)
Clinically feasible automated MRI volumetry of the brain as a prognostic marker in subjective and mild cognitive impairment
Front Neurol, 15, 1425502
DOI 10.3389/fneur.2024.1425502, PubMed 39011362

Amundsen EK, Ihle-Hansen H, Kraglund KL, Hagberg G (2024)
Acute ischemic stroke and measurement of apixaban and rivaroxaban: an observational cohort implementation study
Res Pract Thromb Haemost, 8 (1), 102307
DOI 10.1016/j.rpth.2023.102307, PubMed 38314168

Andelic N, Moksnes H, Rasmussen M, Schäfer C, Hellstrøm T, Howe EI, Unni Sveen OT, Perrin PB, Røe C, Anke A, Soberg HL (2024)
Needs for community-based rehabilitation services and support 12 months after moderate and severe physical traumatic injuries: a brief report
Am J Phys Med Rehabil (in press)
DOI 10.1097/PHM.0000000000002492, PubMed 38662737

Appleton JP, Woodhouse LJ, Anderson CS, Ankolekar S, Cala L, Dixon M, England TJ, Krishnan K, Mair G, Muir KW, Potter J, Price CI, Randall M, Robinson TG, Roffe C, Sandset EC, Saver JL, Shone A, Siriwardena AN, Wardlaw JM, Sprigg N, Bath PM, RIGHT-2 Investigators (2024)
Prehospital transdermal glyceryl trinitrate for ultra-acute ischaemic stroke: data from the RIGHT-2 randomised sham-controlled ambulance trial
Stroke Vasc Neurol, 9 (1), 38-49
DOI 10.1136/svn-2022-001634, PubMed 37290930

Arntsen V, Jamali A, Sikiric A, Kristensen E, Tangeraas T, Kupliauskiene G, Stefansdottir S, Bindoff LA, Sand T, Brodtkorb E (2024)
Utility and limitations of EEG in the diagnosis and management of ALDH7A1-related pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy. A retrospective observational study
Front Neurol, 15, 1355861
DOI 10.3389/fneur.2024.1355861, PubMed 38419708

Arora T, Liu J, Mohan A, Li X, O'laughlin K, Bennett T, Nemunaitis G, Bethoux F, Pundik S, Forrest G, Kirshblum S, Kilgore K, Bryden A, Kristi Henzel M, Wang X, Baker K, Brihmat N, Bayram M, Plow EB (2024)
Corticospinal inhibition investigated in relation to upper extremity motor function in cervical spinal cord injury
Clin Neurophysiol, 161, 188-197
DOI 10.1016/j.clinph.2024.02.026, PubMed 38520799

Asadi-Pooya AA, Johannessen Landmark C, Mirzaei Damabi N, Fazelian K (2024)
Interactions between antiseizure medications and foods and drinks: A systematic review
Epilepsia Open, 9 (2), 475-485
DOI 10.1002/epi4.12918, PubMed 38345419

Asko O, Blenkmann AO, Leske SL, Foldal MD, LLorens A, Funderud I, Meling TR, Knight RT, Endestad T, Solbakk AK (2024)
Altered hierarchical auditory predictive processing after lesions to the orbitofrontal cortex
Elife, 13
DOI 10.7554/eLife.86386, PubMed 38334469

Atai S, Knudtzon Andersen M, Wiedmann M, Dahlberg D, Øystese KAB, Bollerslev J, Ringstad G, Heck A (2024)
Unravelling pituitary tumours in medically treated patients with acromegaly: the impact of systematic MRI reassessment
Acta Radiol, 2841851241246107 (in press)
DOI 10.1177/02841851241246107, PubMed 38659302

Aurlien DB, Taubøll E (2024)
Antiseizure medication and SUDEP - a need for unifying methodology in research
Front Neurol, 15, 1385468
DOI 10.3389/fneur.2024.1385468, PubMed 38694773

Banitalebi H, Hermansen E, Hellum C, Espeland A, Storheim K, Myklebust TÅ, Indrekvam K, Brisby H, Weber C, Anvar M, Aaen J, Negård A (2024)
Preoperative fatty infiltration of paraspinal muscles assessed by MRI is associated with less improvement of leg pain 2 years after surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis
Eur Spine J, 33 (5), 1967-1978
DOI 10.1007/s00586-024-08210-z, PubMed 38528161

Battino D, Tomson T, Bonizzoni E, Craig J, Perucca E, Sabers A, Thomas S, Alvestad S, Perucca P, Vajda F, EURAP Collaborators (2024)
Risk of Major Congenital Malformations and Exposure to Antiseizure Medication Monotherapy
JAMA Neurol, 81 (5), 481-489
DOI 10.1001/jamaneurol.2024.0258, PubMed 38497990

Baumann-Larsen M, Storheim K, Stangeland H, Zwart JA, Wentzel-Larsen T, Skurtveit S, Dyb G, Stensland SØ (2024)
Childhood trauma and the use of opioids and other prescription analgesics in adolescence and young adulthood: The HUNT Study
Pain, 165 (6), 1317-1326
DOI 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000003131, PubMed 38126936

Berg B, Gorosito MA, Fjeld O, Haugerud H, Storheim K, Solberg TK, Grotle M (2024)
Machine Learning Models for Predicting Disability and Pain Following Lumbar Disc Herniation Surgery
JAMA Netw Open, 7 (2), e2355024
DOI 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.55024, PubMed 38324310

Bialer M, Johannessen SI, Koepp MJ, Perucca E, Perucca P, Tomson T, White HS (2024)
Progress report on new medications for seizures and epilepsy: A summary of the 17th Eilat Conference on New Antiepileptic Drugs and Devices (EILAT XVII). I. Drugs in preclinical and early clinical development
Epilepsia (in press)
DOI 10.1111/epi.18056, PubMed 39008349

Billot L, Chen C, Song L, Lin Y, Liu F, Chen X, Arima H, Bath PM, Ford GA, Robinson TG, Sandset EC, Saver JL, Sprigg N, van der Worp HB, Yang J, Li G, Anderson CS, INTERACT4 Investigators (2024)
Statistical Analysis Plan for the INTEnsive Ambulance-Delivered Blood Pressure Reduction in Hyper-ACute Stroke Trial
Cerebrovasc Dis, 1-4 (in press)
DOI 10.1159/000539503, PubMed 38815572

Bjørneboe J, Bratsberg A, Brox JI, Skatteboe S, Wilhelmsen M, Samuelsen KM, Marchand GH, Flørenes T, Kielland MG, Røe C (2024)
Symptom burden and follow-up of patients with neck and back complaints in specialized outpatient care: a national register study
Sci Rep, 14 (1), 3855
DOI 10.1038/s41598-024-53879-3, PubMed 38361115

Bjørneboe J, Heen A, Borud E, Bahr R, Clarsen B, Norheim AJ (2024)
Introducing a new method to record injuries during military training: a prospective study among 296 young Norwegian conscripts
BMJ Mil Health, 170 (2), 101-106
DOI 10.1136/bmjmilitary-2022-002088, PubMed 35649689

Blakstad H, Mendoza Mireles EE, Kierulf-Vieira KS, Singireddy D, Mdala I, Heggebø LC, Magelssen H, Sprauten M, Johannesen TB, Leske H, Niehusmann P, Skogen K, Helseth E, Emblem KE, Vik-Mo EO, Brandal P (2024)
The impact of cancer patient pathway on timing of radiotherapy and survival: a cohort study in glioblastoma patients
J Neurooncol (in press)
DOI 10.1007/s11060-024-04709-z, PubMed 38762830

Blenkmann AO, Leske SL, Llorens A, Lin JJ, Chang EF, Brunner P, Schalk G, Ivanovic J, Larsson PG, Knight RT, Endestad T, Solbakk AK (2024)
Anatomical registration of intracranial electrodes. Robust model-based localization and deformable smooth brain-shift compensation methods
J Neurosci Methods, 404, 110056
DOI 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2024.110056, PubMed 38224783

Bockhop F, Greving S, Zeldovich M, Krenz U, Cunitz K, Timmermann D, Kieslich M, Andelic N, Buchheim A, Koerte IK, Roediger M, Brockmann K, Bonfert MV, Berweck S, Lendt M, Staebler M, von Steinbuechel N (2024)
Applicability and clinical utility of the German rivermead post-concussion symptoms questionnaire in proxies of children after traumatic brain injury: an instrument validation study
BMC Neurol, 24 (1), 133
DOI 10.1186/s12883-024-03587-2, PubMed 38641780

Bojarskaite L, Nafari S, Ravnanger AK, Frey MM, Skauli N, Åbjørsbråten KS, Roth LC, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Nagelhus EA, Ottersen OP, Bogen IL, Thoren AE, Enger R (2024)
Role of aquaporin-4 polarization in extracellular solute clearance
Fluids Barriers CNS, 21 (1), 28
DOI 10.1186/s12987-024-00527-7, PubMed 38532513

Bratsberg B, Fjell AMM, Rogeberg OJ, Skirbekk VF, Walhovd KB (2024)
Differences in early life cognitive function explain the association between low education and early dementia risk
DOI 10.1101/2024.06.15.24308968, PubMed 38947069

Brun FK, Fagertun VH, Larsen MH, Solberg MT (2024)
Comparison of Glasgow Coma Scale and Full Outline of UnResponsiveness score to assess the level of consciousness in patients admitted to intensive care units and emergency departments: A quantitative systematic review
Aust Crit Care (in press)
DOI 10.1016/j.aucc.2024.03.012, PubMed 38777642

Capion T, Lilja-Cyron A, Juhler M, Møller K, Sorteberg A, Rønning PA, Poulsen FR, Wismann J, Schack AE, Ravlo C, Isaksen J, Lindschou J, Gluud C, Mathiesen T, Olsen MH (2024)
Prompt closure versus gradual weaning of external ventricular drain for hydrocephalus following aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: a statistical analysis plan for the DRAIN randomised clinical trial
Trials, 25 (1), 479
DOI 10.1186/s13063-024-08305-4, PubMed 39010208

Chen Q, Berg B, Grotle M, Maher CG, Storheim K, Machado GC (2024)
Primary care seeking among adults with chronic neck and low back pain in Norway: A prospective study from the HUNT study linked to Norwegian primary healthcare registry
Eur J Pain (in press)
DOI 10.1002/ejp.2310, PubMed 38970150

Christensen E, Fagerheim Bugge H, Hagemo J, Larsen K, Harring AK, Gleditsch J, Ibsen J, Guterud M, Sandset EC, Hov MR (2024)
Prehospital stroke diagnostics using three different simulation methods: A pragmatic pilot study
Eur Stroke J, 23969873241252564 (in press)
DOI 10.1177/23969873241252564, PubMed 38751332

Christensen J, Zoega H, Leinonen MK, Gilhus NE, Gissler M, Igland J, Sun Y, Tomson T, Alvestad S, Bjørk MH, Dreier JW (2024)
Prenatal exposure to antiseizure medications and fetal growth: a population-based cohort study from the Nordic countries
Lancet Reg Health Eur, 38, 100849
DOI 10.1016/j.lanepe.2024.100849, PubMed 38476755

Connolly SJ, Sharma M, Cohen AT, Demchuk AM, Członkowska A, Lindgren AG, Molina CA, Bereczki D, Toni D, Seiffge DJ, Tanne D, Sandset EC, Tsivgoulis G, Christensen H, Beyer-Westendorf J, Coutinho JM, Crowther M, Verhamme P, Amarenco P, Roine RO, Mikulik R, Lemmens R, Veltkamp R, Middeldorp S, Robinson TG et al. (2024)
Andexanet for Factor Xa Inhibitor-Associated Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage
N Engl J Med, 390 (19), 1745-1755
DOI 10.1056/NEJMoa2313040, PubMed 38749032

Cortese R, Battaglini M, Prados F, Gentile G, Luchetti L, Bianchi A, Haider L, Jacob A, Palace J, Messina S, Paul F, Marignier R, Durand-Dubief F, de Medeiros Rimkus C, Apostolos Pereira SL, Sato DK, Filippi M, Rocca MA, Cacciaguerra L, Rovira À, Sastre-Garriga J, Arrambide G, Liu Y, Duan Y, Gasperini C et al. (2024)
Grey Matter Atrophy and its Relationship with White Matter Lesions in Patients with Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody-associated Disease, Aquaporin-4 Antibody-Positive Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder, and Multiple Sclerosis
Ann Neurol, 96 (2), 276-288
DOI 10.1002/ana.26951, PubMed 38780377

Dahl HM, Holthe IL, Andelic N, Løvstad M, Myhre MC (2024)
Unmet health care needs over the first 2 years after pediatric traumatic brain injury
Eur J Paediatr Neurol, 49, 73-81
DOI 10.1016/j.ejpn.2024.01.002, PubMed 38430714

Dalbro SEJ, Kerty E (2024)
[Visual impairment in Parkinson’s disease]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 144 (6)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.23.0716, PubMed 38747667

Dalum HS, Hem E, Ekeberg Ø, Reneflot A, Stene-Larsen K, Hauge LJ (2024)
Suicide rates among health-care professionals in Norway 1980-2021
J Affect Disord, 355, 399-405
DOI 10.1016/j.jad.2024.03.128, PubMed 38537752

Damien C, Leitinger M, Kellinghaus C, Strzelczyk A, De Stefano P, Beier CP, Sutter R, Kämppi L, Strbian D, Taubøll E, Rosenow F, Helbok R, Rüegg S, Damian M, Trinka E, Gaspard N (2024)
Sustained effort network for treatment of status epilepticus/European academy of neurology registry on adult refractory status epilepticus (SENSE-II/AROUSE)
BMC Neurol, 24 (1), 19
DOI 10.1186/s12883-023-03505-y, PubMed 38178048

De Giorgis V, Pasca L, Aznar-Lain G, Bibic I, Bibic V, Darra F, Dianin A, Dressler A, Jonsson H, Komulainen-Ebrahim J, Kverneland M, Molteberg E, Ragona F, de Saint-Martin A, Varesio C, Cross JH, ERN EpiCARE Ketogenic Dietary Therapy Special Interest Group (KDT SIG) (2024)
Unraveling unmet needs in ketogenic dietary services: An ERN EpiCARE survey
Epilepsia Open (in press)
DOI 10.1002/epi4.12968, PubMed 38952082

Dennis EL, Vervoordt S, Adamson MM, Houshang A, Bigler ED, Caeyenberghs K, Cole JH, Dams-O'Connor K, Deutscher EM, Dobryakova E, Genova HM, Grafman JH, Håberg AK, Hellstrøm T, Irimia A, Koliatsos VE, Lindsey HM, Livny A, Menon DK, Merkley TL, Mohamed AZ, Mondello S, Monti MM, Newcombe VF, Newsome MR et al. (2024)
Accelerated Aging after Traumatic Brain Injury: An ENIGMA Multi-Cohort Mega-Analysis
Ann Neurol, 96 (2), 365-377
DOI 10.1002/ana.26952, PubMed 38845484

Domenighetti C, Sugier PE, Ashok Kumar Sreelatha A, Schulte C, Grover S, Portugal B, Lee PC, May P, Bobbili D, Radivojkov Blagojevic M, Lichtner P, Singleton AB, Hernandez D, Edsall C, Mellick GD, Zimprich AA, Pirker W, Rogaeva EA, Lang AE, Koks S, Taba P, Lesage S, Brice A, Corvol JC, Chartier-Harlin MC et al. (2024)
Association of Body Mass Index and Parkinson Disease: A Bidirectional Mendelian Randomization Study
Neurology, 103 (3), e209620
DOI 10.1212/WNL.0000000000209620, PubMed 38986057

Drevland IS, Asbjørnslett M, Sveen U, Groven KS (2024)
Occupational experiences and their importance for young peoples' mental health
Scand J Occup Ther, 31 (1), 2341779
DOI 10.1080/11038128.2024.2341779, PubMed 38626736

Dunker Ø, Szczepanski TS, Do HOP, Omland P, Lie MU, Sand T, Jabre JF, Nilsen KB (2024)
Harnessing historical data to derive reference limits - A comparison of e-norms to traditionally derived reference limits
Clin Neurophysiol Pract, 9, 168-175
DOI 10.1016/j.cnp.2024.04.001, PubMed 38707483

Døving M, Stray A, Anandan S, Eide PK, Skogen K, Koht J (2024)
A woman in her forties with ear pain
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 144 (1)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.23.0543, PubMed 38258718

Eide PK (2024)
Neurosurgery and the glymphatic system
Acta Neurochir (Wien), 166 (1), 274
DOI 10.1007/s00701-024-06161-4, PubMed 38904802

Eide PK, Ringstad G (2024)
Glymphatic-stagnated edema induced by traumatic brain injury
Trends Pharmacol Sci, 45 (5), 388-390
DOI 10.1016/, PubMed 38290921

Eide PK, Ringstad G (2024)
Functional analysis of the human perivascular subarachnoid space
Nat Commun, 15 (1), 2001
DOI 10.1038/s41467-024-46329-1, PubMed 38443374

Enger R, Heuser K (2024)
Astrocytes as critical players of the fine balance between inhibition and excitation in the brain: spreading depolarization as a mechanism to curb epileptic activity
Front Netw Physiol, 4, 1360297
DOI 10.3389/fnetp.2024.1360297, PubMed 38405021

Enriquez BAB, Skattør TH, Laugesen NG, Truelsen T, Lund CG, Nome T, Beyer MK, Skjelland M, Aamodt AH (2024)
External validation of clinical risk prediction score for elderly treated with endovascular thrombectomy
J Neurol (in press)
DOI 10.1007/s00415-024-12535-6, PubMed 38954035

Evensen J, Soberg HL, Sveen U, Hestad KA, Moore JL, Bronken BA (2024)
Individualized goals expressed by patients undergoing stroke rehabilitation: an observational study
J Rehabil Med, 56, jrm15305
DOI 10.2340/jrm.v56.15305, PubMed 38226892

Faouzi J, Tan M, Casse F, Lesage S, Tesson C, Brice A, Mangone G, Mariani LL, Iwaki H, Colliot O, Pihlstrøm L, Corvol JC (2024)
Proxy-analysis of the genetics of cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease through polygenic scores
NPJ Parkinsons Dis, 10 (1), 8
DOI 10.1038/s41531-023-00619-5, PubMed 38177146

Feller D, Wingbermuhle R, Berg B, Vigdal ØN, Innocenti T, Grotle M, Ostelo R, Chiarotto A (2024)
Improvements are needed in the adherence to the TRIPOD statement for clinical prediction models for patients with spinal pain or osteoarthritis: a meta-research study
J Pain, 104624 (in press)
DOI 10.1016/j.jpain.2024.104624, PubMed 39002741

Fjell AM, Walhovd KB (2024)
Individual sleep need is flexible and dynamically related to cognitive function
Nat Hum Behav, 8 (3), 422-430
DOI 10.1038/s41562-024-01827-6, PubMed 38379065

Fleischer V, Gonzalez-Escamilla G, Pareto D, Rovira A, Sastre-Garriga J, Sowa P, Høgestøl EA, Harbo HF, Bellenberg B, Lukas C, Ruggieri S, Gasperini C, Uher T, Vaneckova M, Bittner S, Othman AE, Collorone S, Toosy AT, Meuth SG, Zipp F, Barkhof F, Ciccarelli O, Groppa S (2024)
Prognostic value of single-subject grey matter networks in early multiple sclerosis
Brain, 147 (1), 135-146
DOI 10.1093/brain/awad288, PubMed 37642541

Flusund AH, Bø LE, Reinertsen I, Solheim O, Skandsen T, Håberg A, Andelic N, Vik A, Moen KG (2024)
Lesion Frequency Distribution Maps of Traumatic Axonal Injury on Early Magnetic Resonance Imaging After Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Associations to 12 Months Outcome
J Neurotrauma (in press)
DOI 10.1089/neu.2023.0534, PubMed 38588255

Forslund MV, Borgen IMH, Karic T, Kleffelgård I, Hauger SL, Løvstad M, van Walsem MR, Howe EI, Brunborg C, Andelic N, Røe C (2024)
Validity of the Norwegian Version of the Needs and Provision Complexity Scale (NPCS) in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Atraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
J Clin Med, 13 (3)
DOI 10.3390/jcm13030752, PubMed 38337446

Frič R, Bryne E, Warsza B, Due-Tønnessen BJ, Eide PK (2024)
Preoperative estimation of intracranial compliance in symptomatic children with Chiari malformation type 1: impact on outcome and risk of complications
Acta Neurochir (Wien), 166 (1), 22
DOI 10.1007/s00701-024-05897-3, PubMed 38236374

Frič R, Heier I, Züchner M, Gjertsen Ø, Rezai M (2024)
Cerebrospinal fluid-lymphatic fistula in a child with generalized lymphatic anomaly treated with targeted blood patch - a rare case report and review of the literature
Childs Nerv Syst, 40 (4), 1301-1305
DOI 10.1007/s00381-024-06287-x, PubMed 38236406

Frich J (2024)
[Three new reports on prioritisation]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 144 (4)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.24.0097, PubMed 38506011

Frich J (2024)
[New competence framework for healthcare leadership]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 144 (4)
DOI 10.4045/tidsskr.24.0082, PubMed 38506012

Galteland P, Døving M, Næss I, Sehic A, Utheim TP, Eken T, Skaga NO, Helseth E, Ramm-Pettersen J (2024)
The association between head injury and facial fracture treatment: an observational study of hospitalized bicyclists from a level 1 trauma centre
Acta Neurochir (Wien), 166 (1), 132
DOI 10.1007/s00701-024-06019-9, PubMed 38472419

Gerstner T, Henning O, Løhaugen G, Skranes J (2024)
Reduced Interhemispheric Coherence and Cognition in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)-A Quantitative EEG Study
Neuropediatrics, 55 (4), 241-249
DOI 10.1055/a-2262-7781, PubMed 38320603

Gilhus NE, Andersen H, Andersen LK, Boldingh M, Laakso S, Leopoldsdottir MO, Madsen S, Piehl F, Popperud TH, Punga AR, Schirakow L, Vissing J (2024)
Generalized myasthenia gravis with acetylcholine receptor antibodies: A guidance for treatment
Eur J Neurol, 31 (5), e16229
DOI 10.1111/ene.16229, PubMed 38321574

Glad KA, Wøien H, Stensland SØ, Reitan SK, Zwart JAH, Atar D, Dyb G, Bondjers K (2024)
Health care workers' qualitative descriptions of ethically challenging situations evoking moral distress during Covid-19
Nurs Ethics, 9697330241257567 (in press)
DOI 10.1177/09697330241257567, PubMed 38855850

Goeldlin MB, Hakim A, Branca M, Abend S, Kneihsl M, Valenzuela Pinilla W, Fenzl S, Rezny-Kasprzak B, Rohner R, Strbian D, Paciaroni M, Thomalla G, Michel P, Nedeltchev K, Gattringer T, Sandset EC, Bonati L, Aguiar de Sousa D, Sylaja PN, Ntaios G, Koga M, Gdovinova Z, Lemmens R, Bornstein NM, Kelly P et al. (2024)
Early vs Late Anticoagulation in Minor, Moderate, and Major Ischemic Stroke With Atrial Fibrillation: Post Hoc Analysis of the ELAN Randomized Clinical Trial
JAMA Neurol, 81 (7), 693-702
DOI 10.1001/jamaneurol.2024.1450, PubMed 38805207

Gonzalez-Ortiz F, Kirsebom BE, Contador J, Tanley JE, Selnes P, Gísladóttir B, Pålhaugen L, Suhr Hemminghyth M, Jarholm J, Skogseth R, Bråthen G, Grøndtvedt G, Bjørnerud A, Tecelao S, Waterloo K, Aarsland D, Fernández-Lebrero A, García-Escobar G, Navalpotro-Gómez I, Turton M, Hesthamar A, Kac PR, Nilsson J, Luchsinger J, Hayden KM et al. (2024)
Plasma brain-derived tau is an amyloid-associated neurodegeneration biomarker in Alzheimer's disease
Nat Commun, 15 (1), 2908
DOI 10.1038/s41467-024-47286-5, PubMed 38575616

Gottschalk S, König HH, Subtil F, Bonekamp S, Denis A, Aamodt AH, Fuentes B, Gizewski ER, Hill MD, Krajina A, Pierot L, Simonsen CZ, Zeleňák K, Bendszus M, Thomalla G, Dams J (2024)
Cost-effectiveness of endovascular thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke with established large infarct in Germany: a decision tree and Markov model
J Neurointerv Surg (in press)
DOI 10.1136/jnis-2024-021837, PubMed 38906688

Gregersen I, Scarth ME, Abdullah R, Thorsby PM, Hauger LE, Haugaa KH, Sagen EL, Michelsen AE, Ueland T, Edvardsen T, Aukrust P, Almaas VM, Bjørnebekk AK, Halvorsen B (2024)
Elevated interleukin 8 and matrix metalloproteinase 9 levels are associated with myocardial pathology in users of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
Eur J Prev Cardiol (in press)
DOI 10.1093/eurjpc/zwae126, PubMed 38573232

Grimholt TK, Bonsaksen T, Heir T, Schou Bredal I, Skogstad L, Ekeberg Ø (2024)
Prevalence of suicide attempt and associations with deliberate self-harm, mental health problems, drug misuse and traumatic experiences - a cross sectional survey of the Norwegian population
BMC Psychiatry, 24 (1), 164
DOI 10.1186/s12888-024-05610-9, PubMed 38408936

Grippe T, Shamli-Oghli Y, Darmani G, Nankoo JF, Raies N, Sarica C, Arora T, Gunraj C, Ding MYR, Rinchon C, DiLuca DG, Pichardo S, Cardoso F, Lozano AM, Chen R (2024)
Plasticity-Induced Effects of Theta Burst Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease
Mov Disord (in press)
DOI 10.1002/mds.29836, PubMed 38787806

Grøvle L, Hasvik E, Holst R, Sætre A, Brox JI, Mathiassen S, Myhre K, Holmgard TE, Haugen AJ (2024)
Efficacy of naproxen in patients with sciatica: multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Pain (in press)
DOI 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000003280, PubMed 38833590

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