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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2024 from OUS - Unit for Cell Signalling (Krauss)

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Combriat T, Olsen PA, Låstad SB, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Krauss S, Dysthe DK (2024)
Acoustic Wave-Induced Stroboscopic Optical Mechanotyping of Adherent Cells
Adv Sci (Weinh), 11 (16), e2307929
DOI 10.1002/advs.202307929, PubMed 38417124

Cunha AB, Schuelke C, Mesri A, Ruud SK, Aizenshtadt A, Ferrari G, Heiskanen A, Asif A, Keller SS, Ramos-Moreno T, Kalvøy H, Martínez-Serrano A, Krauss S, Emnéus J, Sampietro M, Martinsen ØG (2024)
Development of a Smart Wireless Multisensor Platform for an Optogenetic Brain Implant
Sensors (Basel), 24 (2)
DOI 10.3390/s24020575, PubMed 38257668

Wang C, Abadpour S, Aizenshtadt A, Dalmao-Fernandez A, Høyem M, Wilhelmsen I, Stokowiec J, Olsen PA, Krauss S, Chera S, Ghila L, Ræder H, Scholz H (2024)
Cell identity dynamics and insight into insulin secretagogues when employing stem cell-derived islets for disease modeling
Front Bioeng Biotechnol, 12, 1392575
DOI 10.3389/fbioe.2024.1392575, PubMed 38933536

Wang C, Abadpour S, Olsen PA, Wang D, Stokowiec J, Chera S, Ghila L, Ræder H, Krauss S, Aizenshtadt A, Scholz H (2024)
Glucose Concentration in Regulating Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Differentiation Toward Insulin-Producing Cells
Transpl Int, 37, 11900
DOI 10.3389/ti.2024.11900, PubMed 38304198