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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2023 from OUS - Oslo Bioimpedance and Medical Technology Group

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Aukrust Å, Foseid LM, Holm K (2023)
Development of a Small Footprint Device for Measuring Electrodermal Activity in the Palm of the Hand
J Electr Bioimpedance, 13 (1), 150-155
DOI 10.2478/joeb-2022-0021, PubMed 36699665

Bari DS, Rammoo MNS, Aldosky HYY, Jaqsi MK, Martinsen ØG (2023)
The Five Basic Human Senses Evoke Electrodermal Activity
Sensors (Basel), 23 (19)
DOI 10.3390/s23198181, PubMed 37837011

Hou J, Strand-Amundsen R, Martinsen ØG (2023)
Detection of physiological concentrations of GABA using dielectric spectroscopy - A pilot study
J Electr Bioimpedance, 14 (1), 47-52
DOI 10.2478/joeb-2023-0006, PubMed 38162815

Lilja D, Schalit I, Espinoza A, Fiane AE, Dahle G, Littorin-Sandbu H, Pettersen FJ, Russell KE, Thiara APS, Elle OJ, Halvorsen PS (2023)
Detection of inflow obstruction in left ventricular assist devices by accelerometer: A porcine model study
J Heart Lung Transplant, 42 (8), 1005-1014
DOI 10.1016/j.healun.2023.03.017, PubMed 37023840

Lilja D, Schalit I, Espinoza A, Hoel TN, Larsen G, Pettersen FJ, Halvorsen PS (2023)
Extracorporeal driveline vibrations to detect left ventricular assist device thrombosis - A porcine model study
J Heart Lung Transplant, 43 (1), 111-119
DOI 10.1016/j.healun.2023.08.022, PubMed 37673384

Osen DE, Abie SM, Martinsen ØG, Egelandsdal B, Münch D (2023)
Bioimpedance-based Authentication of Defrosted Versus Fresh Pork at the End of Refrigerated Shelf Life
J Electr Bioimpedance, 13 (1), 125-131
DOI 10.2478/joeb-2022-0017, PubMed 36699663

Tariverdi A, Cote Allard U, Mathiassen K, Elle OJ, Kalvøy H, Martinsen G, Tørresen J (2023)
Reinforcement Learning-Based Switching Controller for a Milliscale Robot in a Constrained Environment
T-ASE, 99, 1-17
DOI 10.1109/TASE.2023.3259905, PublikaID 441

Tronstad C, Amini M, Olesen E, Qvigstad E, Pabst O, Martinsen T, Abie SM, Martinsen ØG, Hisdal J, Jenssen TG, Kalvøy H (2023)
Diabetic Foot Assessment using Skin Impedance in a Custom Made Sensor-sock
J Electr Bioimpedance, 13 (1), 136-142
DOI 10.2478/joeb-2022-0019, PubMed 36694878