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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2009 from OUS - Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR)

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Amundsen SS, Rundberg J, Adamovic S, Gudjónsdóttir AH, Ascher H, Ek J, Nilsson S, Lie BA, Naluai AT, Sollid LM (2009)
Four novel coeliac disease regions replicated in an association study of a Swedish-Norwegian family cohort
Genes Immun, 11 (1), 79-86
DOI 10.1038/gene.2009.67, PubMed 19693089

Bethune MT, Crespo-Bosque M, Bergseng E, Mazumdar K, Doyle L, Sestak K, Sollid LM, Khosla C (2009)
Noninflammatory gluten peptide analogs as biomarkers for celiac sprue
Chem Biol, 16 (8), 868-81
DOI 10.1016/j.chembiol.2009.07.009, PubMed 19716477

Bogen B, Ruffini P (2009)
Review: to what extent are T cells tolerant to immunoglobulin variable regions?
Scand J Immunol, 70 (6), 526-30
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.2009.02340.x, PubMed 19906193

Brandtzaeg P (2009)
Mucosal immunity: induction, dissemination, and effector functions
Scand J Immunol, 70 (6), 505-15
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-3083.2009.02319.x, PubMed 19906191

Corthay A, Lundin KU, Lorvik KB, Hofgaard PO, Bogen B (2009)
Secretion of tumor-specific antigen by myeloma cells is required for cancer immunosurveillance by CD4+ T cells
Cancer Res, 69 (14), 5901-7
DOI 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-4816, PubMed 19567679

Dørum S, Qiao SW, Sollid LM, Fleckenstein B (2009)
A quantitative analysis of transglutaminase 2-mediated deamidation of gluten peptides: implications for the T-cell response in celiac disease
J Proteome Res, 8 (4), 1748-55
DOI 10.1021/pr800960n, PubMed 19239248

Fallang LE, Bergseng E, Hotta K, Berg-Larsen A, Kim CY, Sollid LM (2009)
Differences in the risk of celiac disease associated with HLA-DQ2.5 or HLA-DQ2.2 are related to sustained gluten antigen presentation
Nat Immunol, 10 (10), 1096-101
DOI 10.1038/ni.1780, PubMed 19718029

Ghumra A, Shi J, Mcintosh RS, Rasmussen IB, Braathen R, Johansen FE, Sandlie I, Mongini PK, Areschoug T, Lindahl G, Lewis MJ, Woof JM, Pleass RJ (2009)
Structural requirements for the interaction of human IgM and IgA with the human Fcalpha/mu receptor
Eur J Immunol, 39 (4), 1147-56
DOI 10.1002/eji.200839184, PubMed 19266484

Holt PG, Strickland DH, Bosco A, Jahnsen FL (2009)
Pathogenic mechanisms of allergic inflammation: atopic asthma as a paradigm
Adv Immunol, 104, 51-113
DOI 10.1016/S0065-2776(08)04003-0, PubMed 20457116

Karlsson MR, Johansen FE, Kahu H, Macpherson A, Brandtzaeg P (2009)
Hypersensitivity and oral tolerance in the absence of a secretory immune system
Allergy, 65 (5), 561-70
DOI 10.1111/j.1398-9995.2009.02225.x, PubMed 19886928

Qiao SW, Sollid LM, Blumberg RS (2009)
Antigen presentation in celiac disease
Curr Opin Immunol, 21 (1), 111-7
DOI 10.1016/j.coi.2009.03.004, PubMed 19342211

Stensland M, Holm A, Kiehne A, Fleckenstein B (2009)
Targeted analysis of protein citrullination using chemical modification and tandem mass spectrometry
Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom, 23 (17), 2754-62
DOI 10.1002/rcm.4185, PubMed 19639564

Stensland ME, Pollmann S, Molberg Ø, Sollid LM, Fleckenstein B (2009)
Primary sequence, together with other factors, influence peptide deimination by peptidylarginine deiminase-4
Biol Chem, 390 (2), 99-107
DOI 10.1515/BC.2009.019, PubMed 19040354