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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2023 from OUS - Section for Preventive Cardiology

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Austad G, Geitung JT, Tonstad S (2023)
Validation and Reproducibility of Total Plaque Thickness in Carotid and Femoral Arteries Using Ultrasound
Ultrasound Med Biol, 50 (2), 207-215
DOI 10.1016/j.ultrasmedbio.2023.09.020, PubMed 37940460

Kaldal A, Tonstad S, Jortveit J (2023)
Association of Troponin T measurements with long-term outcomes in patients with coronary artery disease participating in a secondary prevention trial
BMC Cardiovasc Disord, 23 (1), 210
DOI 10.1186/s12872-023-03249-0, PubMed 37118703

Kaldal A, Tonstad S, Jortveit J (2023)
Sex differences in secondary preventive follow-up after coronary heart events
BMC Cardiovasc Disord, 23 (1), 459
DOI 10.1186/s12872-023-03483-6, PubMed 37710178

Mathisen TF, Sundgot-Borgen J, Rosenvinge JH, Bratland-Sanda S, Svendsen M, Pettersen G, Vrabel K, Friborg O (2023)
Metabolic profile in women with bulimia nervosa or binge-eating disorder before and after treatment: secondary analysis from the randomized PED-t trial
Eat Weight Disord, 28 (1), 41
DOI 10.1007/s40519-023-01567-y, PubMed 37103592

Norhammar A, Bodegard J, Vanderheyden M, Tangri N, Karasik A, Maggioni AP, Sveen KA, Taveira-Gomes T, Botana M, Hunziker L, Thuresson M, Banerjee A, Sundström J, Bollmann A (2023)
Prevalence, outcomes and costs of a contemporary, multinational population with heart failure
Heart, 109 (7), 548-556
DOI 10.1136/heartjnl-2022-321702, PubMed 36781285

Sanders AM, Richard G, Kolskår K, Ulrichsen KM, Alnaes D, Beck D, Dørum ES, Engvig A, Lund MJ, Nordhøy W, Pedersen ML, Rokicki J, Nordvik JE, Westlye LT (2023)
Associations between everyday activities and arterial spin labeling-derived cerebral blood flow: A longitudinal study in community-dwelling elderly volunteers
Hum Brain Mapp, 44 (8), 3377-3393
DOI 10.1002/hbm.26287, PubMed 36947581

Troensegaard H, Khoury J, Westerberg AC, Tonstad S, Roeters van Lennep J, Veierød MB, Iversen PO, Holven KB, Retterstøl K (2023)
Protocol for a 20-year follow-up after a randomized controlled trial of a Mediterranean diet in pregnancy: maternal and offspring risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Front Pediatr, 11, 1256815
DOI 10.3389/fped.2023.1256815, PubMed 37920793